Baker Boy Hats


The Baker boy hat, it was the unexpected accessory every fashion girl wore at Fashion Week 2018. It is so interesting how fashion from the past reemerges with a whole new meaning. It is the perfect accessory this season because you can really pull it off with anything; there are so many fabrics and patterns that you are sure to find a baker boy hat perfect for any outfit.

The baker boy hat has had its ups and downs. Sometimes favored by women, other times by men. Though it has never disappeared completely, it has not always been at the heart of the biggest trends; but it is back this season for an urban and bohemian look in a number of different colors and materials. Not to be confused with it’s somewhat-similar, French counterpart, the beret, the baker boy (or newsboy) cap has a soft, malleable upper with a short brim in the front.

How to choose your baker boy hat? For the winter, opt for cozy materials, go for leather, felt, tweed or wool. As for color, seasoned fashionistas keep it neutral, like black, grey, burgundy or brown for a perfectly autumnal look.

How to wear the baker boy hat? It can be worn on short, mid-length or long hair. It sits on top of the head without casting a shadow over your pretty face. Fashionistas wear it tipped slightly to the side or even backward. The baker boy hat should be worn on loose, slightly disheveled hair for an artistic, bohemian look.




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