Chanel at Paris Fashion Week 2017


Tuesday March 7, the final day of Paris Fashion Week, Chanel created its own space station inside Paris’ iconic Grand Palais. Models walked the runway in reflective silver wraps, aviators, sparkling tights, and astronaut prints. As we all know, one of the many great things about fashion is its ability to transport us to another world, and at Chanel show, guests took a rocket ship to outer space.

In the middle of the Grand Palais stood a rocket adorned with the double C, stationed at launch center number 5, a tribute to the iconic perfume.
Going along with the set, the collection itself was inspired by outer space. Futuristic metallic boots, spacesuit printed dresses, space shawls, galactic prints and more walked the runway. It not only was the show’s set one of the highest we’ve ever seen, but the models’ hair was pretty lofty itself, the hair was Barbarella-inspired. Jane Fonda’s 1968 character was revived in the form of voluminous, slicked back hair and headbands.
Karl Lagerfeld revealed his motif for Fall 2017, an x-ray of an astronaut. The body of an astronaut in his Chanel-branded spacesuit was placed all over the light black fabrics of the dresses, skirts and shirts. The shoulders of some jackets were rounded and padded to hint at space suits. This season’s Chanel show had a quintessentially 60s vibe to it. To pay tribute to the iconic black-tipped monochrome heels which celebrate their 60 year anniversary this year, Karl Lagerfeld gave heeled high-boots the same treatment. Reinventing them for 2017 with silver sparkles, the boots have a whole new cosmic appeal.
At the end of the show, Lagerfeld and his godson, model Hudson Kroenig (who debuted the new Chanel bag, the Gabriella) approached a command center, pressed a button, and the spaceship set took off.




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