“How the color pink literally looks good on every skin tone”


Sometimes we hear people talk about how blue is “their” color, or how they look awful in peach. What causes people to have flattering and clashing colors for their skin tone, and how do you determine which colors are best for you?

The color of the year might be green, according to Pantone, but there is another hue infiltrating the likes of the fashion world all the same, and that hue is pink. It seems that lately, no matter where we turn, a new pink item, whether it be clothing or an accessory, catches our eye. Pink is the color of innocence, happiness, and sweet love. It is a color that lightens our heart.
Pink is a color that is always there. No matter how dark or light is your skin tone, but at the end this color makes you look beautiful; some women wear color pure pink, others warmer coral pink, it all depends on what color you prefer. It is important to clarify, not every shade of pink will look good on every skin color, but there is definitely a shade of pink out there for everyone.
Kate Smith, a color expert of Sensational Color, says “With everything that is going on around us right now, there are many reasons women are gravitating to pink” “Pink is a color strongly associated with the feminine part of all of us. It is a color of passion and energy tempered with compassion and kindness. It is a color that unites woman and communicates hope for the future.”




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