Rachel McAdams’ Red Carpet Reign

Rachel McAdams is one of those quintessential beauties. Those that never go out of style. Even though we met her as a stuck up queen bee in “Mean Girls” (which we loved, we’re not going lie), we truly fell in love with her in the “Notebook.” That’s when her classic beauty really solidified and she went from mean girl to the perfect girl next door.

Now, as she turns 37, the actress has cemented her talent with works such as Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” “A Most Wanted Man,” and HBO’s second season of “True Detective.” However, she not only reigns the big screen, she reigns the red carpet as well!

In honor of this beauty’s 37th birthday, we go through the times McAdams has stunned us with her mesmerizing style choices. Take a look!

Photos from: US Weekly & Elle

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