The runways delighted those present with these three fascinating collections

The afternoon of June 3 began with “Glamor and Sensuality”, words to identify a successful brand known for its attention to detail, trend in beachwear collections and party nightlife. FISICO, a brand whose history is found in the biography of a woman deeply in love with Italian elegance and with a genuine Brazilian touch, Cristina Ferrari.

Fascinated with Italian tailoring and decided to innovate, Ferrari added a lot of Brazilian color to her designs with wide sensual appeal in a collection of elegant swimsuits at all times. In the early nineties, she started working on her first FISICO models. The FISICO brand has gained the appreciation of experts working in the sector and the general public because it proposes articles with great personality and comfort, paying special attention to all elements of fashion.

After an amazing show of innovative style, we all were stunned by Yirko Sivirich, the famous Peruvian designer who came with his Resort Collection bringing to the coasts of Florida the richness of the Peruvian seas. Designs with colors such as red, blue, pearl and some other colorful prints, Sivirch alludes the marine fauna left an exhilarated audience that cataloged the runway as one of the best and most creative in this edition of the Miami Fashion Week 2017.

He began his fashion design studies at the renowned Mod’Art institute, where he graduated with great success. Soon he launched its first collection for its own brand, which opened the doors to important airstrips in cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Santo Domingo. After taking his work to different countries and performing in more than 13 international fashion shows, Yirko Sivirich first presented his men’s line on a catwalk in his own country, forming part of Lima Fashion Week.

The night was decorated with the designs that brought us Rene Ruíz. The collection was rich in bright colors, glittering textures full of class, style and glamor that captivated the attention of all present and allowed us to enjoy the haute couture to which he is recognize in all his collections. Ruiz is known for creating her own fabrics that accentuate the meticulous details that inspires sensuality for the modern woman.

Originally from Cuba, this designer immigrated to the United States at an early age and settled in Miami, a place that was very influential in his formative years, then in Europe he learned the art of haute couture first hand. After opening his first workshop in the elegant South Florida enclave of Coral Gables in the 1990s, Ruiz quickly became the go-to designer for celebrities and socialites. Its eye for high quality fabrics and personalized attention to the creation and manufacture of each garment has created an international following for its luxurious, original and sophisticated designs.





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