MIAFW2017 Street Style


The trends were not only found on the runways, but also, outside of them with the #StreetSytle

Forget about the shows and runways, just for a moment, Miami Fashion Week 2017 left us an extremely summery flavor after its last edition at the beginning of June. Celebrities, models and the general public showed off their best outfits for the season, full of new trends many of us will probably adapt.

We take the streets to achieve a genuine inspiration for fashion and what is coming. This year everything goes hand in hand with bright colors, ruffles and oversizes that give us an air of freshness and style at the same time. Rufless necklines are all IN to be combined with pants, skirts, shorts and even dresses, and bottoms to create a look totally fashionable. As many times, more can be better, and these ruffles combinations will never be too much for this season.

Now, let’s talk about prints… No, we don’t get tired of them and that’s why they’ll continue taking the lead during this season. Silk prints are the most wanted because for their freshness, comfort, ease and beautiful appearance. And if we keep talking about prints, we have to mention how in are those old ones that belonged your mother some time ago, vintage pieces are definitely treasure pieces.

Another trend that took the attention of this season goes around colors pink and pastels. This is the trend that makes us remember that sweet stage of when we were 9 years. It is all about becoming the good, cute, little girl, this will make you be in the eyes of all.

One piece that you can not miss in your closet during this season are the maxidress and we saw them a lot during Miami Fashion Week! This piece works perfectly for a walk on the beach or according to its cut, it can be perfect for an elegant dinner, it is the ideal peace for any occasion.

Let’s not forget to include in this list tops of all colors to dazzle and combine with wide pants, long skirts that are super chic and comfortable. Great accesories and an amazing pair of sandals or even sports shoes is what we need to achieve the perfect look. After getting inspired by the street style of Miami Fashion Week, you can realice that beautiufl clothes and a lot of style is all we need to be happy this summer, the question is, would you dare to try something new?




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