Must Haves During your Weekend Gateaway


How much do I really need to pack? You never know when you will have an impromptu day trip to the beach or to the city! We suggest always keeping a bag ready and packed for those unpredictable moments. Pack your bag with a couple of essentials and always be ready for the road ahead.

To make this as simple as possible, leave all black clothes and accessories at home. The good news is recycling clothes over a long weekend is totally acceptable. No one expects you to be bogged down with a heavy bag. Here is our list of essentials to get you through the getaway without a worry:

Backpack or tote

A backpack is a perfect choice because not only does spread the weight out better but anything that lets you be hands-free. Nevertheless, an oversized tote has just enough room for everything you’d ever need for a weekend away.

Cosmetic bag

Save space in your bag by having your makeup bag pull double duty as a clutch come evening. Toss in travel sized versions of your shampoo, conditioner and any other toiletries you might need, but remember, this getaway is about being low maintenance.


A comfortable sundress that works for day or night is a must wherever you’re headed.

Skinny jeans

No matter where your travels may take you, a pair of skinny jeans is always a good idea.


A striped cardigan works just as well over your swimsuit as it does as a cover-up on cooler nights. You’ll bring it for emergencies and find yourself wearing it every day.


Unless you plan to hike or play tennis, one pair of sandals is all you need, whether you plan on spending the weekend at a boardwalk or a BBQ.


With all the fun in the sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes! One of the few weekend accessories you actually need.

A hat

Wear it in the day to keep the sun off your face, or just pull it out at night for a cute outfit.


For unpredictably chilly nights, a lightweight scarf will be your lifesaver. It barely takes up space in your suitcase, plus works overtime as a shawl, wrap, and park blanket. 


You never know what you’re going to get yourself into so be prepared and pack them in a Ziploc bag; it will keep the wet stuff separate from your clothes

Statement earrings

The quickest way to dress up a jumpsuit, or even silk pajama set for dinner or a night out.

Versatile towel

A lightweight style will be your best friend because you can use it to lay out, dry off or cover up.  It also dries off quickly and slips right into your beach bag.


Look for one that protects your skin and at the same time cover up any imperfections, leaving your face looking flawless.

A Good Book

Every girl’s best travel companion is a good book. Try to leave your phone at home and really break free from technology! Enjoy the moments that you have, read a book while soaking up the sun.




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