Rihanna’s Most Iconic Street Style Looks


Rihanna is no doubt one of the strongest forces in the fashion world. To better phrase it, one of the most successful stars turned designers in history. This female powerhouse does not hold back and this is what has made her rise to a respectful standard in this realm. She is a risk taker. She does not care what you think and she will wear what she feels YET always keeping in mind what’s new in the industry.

Last summer, she made summer fur a thing. She also recently made wearing hoodies with heels look badass and pink puffer jackets look subtle. Oh, and we forgot the mention some important points. Like the fact that she has her own line with Puma, Fenty, which she has already showcased during New York Fashion Week. And her own shoe collection with no other than Manolo Blahnik. Yup, super casual. So for her birthday, we honor her risk taking and fashion intuition with her most iconic street style looks.





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