Street Style for Public Transportation!


It is very important knowing what to wear when riding Miami’s public transportation, and obviously how to do it riding in style! Miami is a city with high temperatures and a lot of humidity, so before riding with Miami Public Transportation you have to know what to wear to be comfortable but at the same time stylish. If you are taking the metro or the bus to get to work and want to feel fresh enough, it is recommended to wear loose pants with a light colored blouse.

What are ​some of ​the top clothing trends for summer 2017? Denim skirts are surely one of them! Skirts will always be a great idea for summer. A look that will never get old is an all black outfit with a colored accessory, for example a colored jacket on your waist, a colored bag or printed shoes. Espadrilles are awesome for riding comfortable and in style. Another idea for street style is an off-shoulder blouse, just because regular ones are too mainstream!

Just like all black will never get old, all white will never be a bad option.




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