How to Style a Boyfriend Sweater


Autumn is finally here and it is the perfect excuse to pull out your cozy comfy knits. The boyfriend trend can be hard to style, but what’s more comfortable than a huge sweater you can drape over anything? If you’re stumped on how to style an oversized sweater, keep this one thing in mind: It’s all about proportions.

What to look for?  The ideal boyfriend sweater is long enough so you can tuck part of the front in (if you want) and loose enough that it hangs off your body. If possible, choose a V-neck, a bit of exposed skin will give it a feminine look.

Pair your boyfriend sweater with fitted bottoms. Think skinny jeans or a pencil skirt, if It is really cold outside you can wear a pair of tights to layer up for warmth. They are an ideal option since they have the same casual, relaxed look like the sweater.

Add height with heels, the sweater is so long it may make you look shorter so we suggest if you want to wear boots pick ankle boots and leave a bit of skin exposed between them and your jeans. The exposed skin will leave a break and naturally add height, making you appear taller.

Don’t forget to add accessories to you outfit. The right accessories can make all the difference, its loose fit doesn’t always offer the most polished appearance; you can belt the sweater to give your waist some definition. The right necklace can also add a feminine touch to your boyfriend sweater; choose a long style to help elongate the look of your body, like a colorful strand of beads or a long chain with an oversized pendant.




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