Top Runways from Milan Fashion Week 2017


The best designers have gathered to present their designs at Milan Fashion Week. The retro style is still the protagonist and we will show you the best runways shows and collections of  MFW 2017:


Miuccia Prada new collection was a reassertion of house codes: ’90s minimalism, retro prints, weird yet wonderful briefs, and a flair for the eccentric detail, this time miles of fluffiest marabou. An inscrutable film starring the likes of Freida Pinto and Allison Williams by the Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell played in the background. The real star of the show, though, were Prada’s evening pajamas in luminescent light yellow silk.


Alessandro Michele is the most influential man in fashion. It’s an enviable but no doubt anxiety-making position to be in. The shy Gucci frontman is taking it in his stride, digging deeper into the cabinet of curiosities that is his imagination. He has been thinking about shoulders, the place in his imagination where a portrait of the 16th-century queen of France Catherine de Medici met the Dynasty ’80s. The look of his big, puffy sleeves is bound to be influential, whether via his trompe l’oeil necklace–decorated dresses or in his translation of the idea into an oversize sweater—a clever merge of sports stripes, extra-large arms, and a beaded black panther, for good measure.


The sophisticated woman of reserved tastes found a rare champion in Tomas Maier this season. Plaudits poured in for the unfussy, undecorated coats and pantsuits he opened with, and for the extraordinary fine-gauge, lingerie-light knitted dresses that followed. Tiny floral prints glimpsed through sheer layers of black pin-tucked chiffon brought the show to a stunning finale.


Hip bags as big as panniers. Canvas skirts suspended from rope. In someone else’s hands it could have come off heavy and unwieldy. But Consuelo Castiglioni has a wonderfully idiosyncratic outlook, and you inevitably leave herMarnishows wishing you were part of her tribe. This season’s most seductive number was a burn-out velvet dot–patterned dress draped and gathered with elegant nonchalance.





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